Quick Money for Fast People

We live in a fast-paced world now, there’s no way to avoid it. With the 24 hour internet, 24 hour cities and 24 hour imposition of the crushing economy- we’re all run off our feet. This running includes that of running back and forth in shopfronts and offices to earn our money, we need the money for the aforementioned 24 hour usage of goods and services. Even with all that working, often we’re left with not quite enough money as we need- and we have no time to make any more on top of that. We’re all out of time!

tumblr_inline_oaivw5Dk4x1qgaaxi_500So here comes the modern way, the desire for quick and efficient cash. Some resort to the god-awful loan sites promising that they will give you money for free, as if being some sort of charity; it’s a scam and a farce, forcing low-income families into a cycle of borrowing to pay to live, then borrowing more to pay back their first loan. It’s quick and apparently easy, made available by our access to internet and forced on us by constant TV ads.

The internet offers something else too, something becoming far more popular recently: crowdfunding. As a (shamefully) frequent user of Tumblr, I’ve noticed over the past few years a huge increase in the amount of posts offering links to sites such as gofundme with attached sob-stories. People want funding for everything  from a trip to visit an online friend to medical treatment. It’s amazing: the availability of funds from strangers being quickly accumulated in place of working an 8 hour day.

Fair enough, I really do understand and support the use of crowdfunding for medical care in places where it is not accessible for free. The thought of having to pay hundreds of thousands for the treatment of my mother’s cancer a few years ago would have been life-destroying, so when the option is there to access funds quickly and without work, it means that hope is available for people. I think it’s great- and the fact that I think this is so great is partly what makes me hate the other end of the spectrum: crowdfunding for hobbies and holidays.

Quick money culture seems to have led to the idea that people are entitled to cash. I’ve known people who have refused to get a job but instead set up a page or tried to seek government benefits; come on, put some effort in. I watched my mum work three jobs through my childhood and still not have enough money to feed our little family of three- so when I see people weaving a story of heartbreak, begging for £1000 to fly to America to meet their online soulmate, I feel a little salty.

What made me think of all this is the fact that I spent this morning setting up a domain for my blog so as to apply for Google Adsense. Quick money, no work. Oops, I’m a hypocrite! I like to think I work fairly hard at my part-time job, but it is a part time job nonetheless, and here I am expecting quick, free money as a reward for having 33k followers on a social media site. It’s pathetic, really. I don’t deserve the money and I know this- and for this reason I feel guilty for applying for Adsense. It’s just so weird how money appears to be so easily accessible thanks to modern technology, I have such mixed feelings.

I’m currently in the 3 day assessment period, where Google decide whether it’s worth it to place ads on my site. There’s no doubt that I would love to get ads, to get a little more money- besides, I’ve already bought my domain now so there’s no going back! We’ll see whether I get into the ad programme, and if I do, if it’s worth it. For someone who hates frivolous crowdfunding so much, I know it’s hypocritical to feel entitled to free ad money.

What do you think of quick money? Free money? How do you feel when you hear a YouTuber is making millions in ad money for posting a 30 minute video of them eating a salad? Let’s use the internet for commerce of opinions- let me know.




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